I sometime have the most ridiculous urges to completely ruin my own life.

It’s funny because honestly I am usually THE MOST APPROPRIATE PERSON IN THE WORLD. (Except, of course, when I’m not. But usually that is after a few cocktails. Don’t even pretend you can’t relate.) 

Mostly though I life in a space of appropriateness where I go about my life and do and say exactly what is expected and necessary.

It’s probably why I am still employed. So not entirely a bad trait to have, I guess.

If you were to live in my head, however, you would realize how utterly stupid and carefree and childish I have the potential to be.

The following excerpt I found on The Bloggess’ site and can I just say HOW MUCH I LOVE HOW THIS WOMAN THINKS?!?

I would love to pull a stunt like this:

Whenever I’m at large events and I’m asked to write my name on those “HELLO, MY NAME IS” stickers I instead write ”Watermelon is the secret code word.”  Most people just look at me like I’m off and avoid me.  

Some people (usually the ones in large, boisterous groups) loudly yell “Secret code word for what?” and I just say “I have no idea what you’re talking about” and walk away.  But a few people (usually the same people hiding in corners, or drinking so they have something to do with their hands) will hesitantly come up and whisper a single word. “Watermelon.” 

And then I nod and smile like we know a secret the rest of the world doesn’t and I quietly say, “You’re in.  Welcome aboard.” Then they usually smile back – happy and slightly confused – and walk off with a little more confidence, knowing that they’re part of something bigger.  Bigger and ridiculous and utterly insane.

Those are the best people.

Admit it. You’d do it too if you had the guts.

Someday I’ll ditch the appropriateness. Consider yourself warned.