The question: Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know the answer to that. I mean, I want to give a definitive YES (with jazz hands!!) but if my past state of mind is any indication, probably not.

I feel way more in tune withGrumpy Catthese days.

I’ve noticed that I have the tendency to think about happiness in terms of WHEN as opposed to NOW. You know, the ole I’ll be happierwhen I lose 10 pounds or when I get my life in order or when the children are older…

By thinking that way Icompletely ignore the moment I am living in in favor of the hope of future happiness.

Ludicrous, I know. But true. Very, very true.

I clearly need to retrain my brain.

So back to the 100 day question. Could you (or I) be happy for 100 days?

My obsession with this question comes from a website I found calledthe100 Happy Day Challengewhich asks participants to pause once a day and snap a photo of something that makes them happy.

Such a simple concept. Stop and appreciate one of life’s small joys and capture it every day for 100 days.

Easy peasy, right? Not exactly.The challenge actually has a fail rate of71%.

Kinda shocking, if you ask me.

Thereason cited for all of this happiness fail?LACK. OF. TIME.

People simply do not have the time to be happy. They do not have time to appreciate the moment. They do not have time to stop and smell the proverbial flowers.

No wonder the world is so damn cranky.

But I completely get it. I don’t take the time either. It never even occurs to me.

You know where this post is going, don’t you? (Of course you do.) Yes indeedy. Understanding my own tendency towards crankiness, I jumped right on in to that #100happydays challenge. (Natch.)


It has been nine days and so far I’ve found myself actively seeking out the little moments in life that bring me joy. They’ve ranged from family celebrations to consuming excessive quantities of chocolate to growing seedlings to buckets of chilling champagne. And the bonus is that each day these moments are becoming easier and easier to spot and document thus bringing more smiles and less Grumpy Cat to my face.

That’s pretty damn awesome.

But I don’t want to hog up all the smiles to myself. (That would be rude.)For all the official rules and ways to participate, I suggest you visit the challenge site. (I’ve chosen to document myjourney (like the pic above) on Instagram.)

Let me know in the comments below if you’re joining in on the fun and where I can find you. I’d love to show some support!