“Work hard. Be brave. Do more.” – C. Neistat

I freaking love Casey Neistat.

Everything about that guy jazzes me.


Casey Neistat
Photographed by Winnie Au

I discovered him in 2012 when he created the Nike “Make It Count” video. There is just something about that video that fires up my soul. I’ve watched it nearly 50 times. Okay, fine. Nearly 100 times. 

Since then I’ve connected with him on Instagram and other social media accounts drawing inspiration from his videos and his adventures.

I’m pretty much a stalker at this point. It’s okay. My husband knows.

I can’t say exactly what draws me to the work he creates. We couldn’t be more different in our life circumstances, if we tried. Yet his videos and storytelling speak directly to me.

He has a passion for life and a passion for his work. (And he is unapologetically authentic, which is charming.) 

In encourage you to check out some Neistat videos to see what all of the fuss is about. Start with this “best of” playlist.