It’s Father’s Day. That day of the year where you pause and reflect back on the man who created you, molded you and financed your existence.

My father, Joe Winter, is literally THE BEST DAD EVER. No, really. He is.

Most people reading this will be under the impression that their own parent is and for that…. I am truly sorry.

There is only one best dad and he is mine. 🙂

My Dad Joe Winter

Each father, of course, is a completely unique individual. (Despite the evidence to the contrary found in the Father’s Day section of the card store. I mean, really? Remote controls, farting, couch surfing, fishing and beer. Cliche, much?) 

I could wax poetic about my dad for ages. This man has taught me so much about the hard choices in life. He taught me how to be a planner, taught me how to keep calm in a stressful situation and taught me how to roll with the punches.

Also, he was a cop so it goes without saying that he taught me how to DO THE RIGHT THING.

But if there was one fault with my father, it was his taste in music. Well, some music, anyway. (I do love me some Willie Nelson.) 

Two examples:

Harry Chapin – Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas

My father loved this song. I swear to God this tune scarred me for life. It is about, you guessed it, THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS OF BANANAS. And a guy who loses his head near Scranton, Pennsylvania in an accident. I have no idea why my dad liked this song but I have vivid memories of my dad singing this to us kids with a twinkle in his eye as we listened in morbid fascination.

To this day, I know every word to that song by heart.

It still freaks me out. Way to go, dad. WAY. TO. GO.

Ronnie Milsap – Button Off My Shirt

Ever have the universe align so perfectly that you realize you couldn’t have planned it better if you tried? This song by Ronnie Milsap brings back memories of the day that we children were able to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that my father’s taste in music was sorely lacking. (Read: terrible)

We were on our way to church one Sunday pleading for the umpteeth that my father not play country music again. You see, my dad was (and still is) a huge country music fan. We children would rather have stuck a fork in our eye then listen to an endless stream of musical twang. It so happened that on this morning my father had chosen to point out how we were wrong about his choice in music.

And at that precise moment, this song started playing. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of this particular song?

Exactly my point.

We couldn’t get past the phrase  BUTTON OFF OF MY SHIRT. Fairly certain I peed myself from laughing so hard.

He never tried to sell us on country music again.

Well played universe. Well. Played.

Musical taste aside, my father is the model of a life lived with integrity and honesty. Being born into my family was/is the foundation of all that is good and right in my existance. I count my blessings every single day.

I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!