I barely write anymore. It is one of my greatest loves in life and yet, it is the thing I do the least.

My story is  hardly new. I’d be willing to bet that the person reading this post right now has a similar situation. There is something they love to do but never seem to find the time for.

In a fast-moving world, making time for our passions can be complicated.

I started thinking about my writing conundrum this morning after a Fast Company article caught my eye essentially calling bullshit on my “I just don’t have the time, anymore!” excuse.

The excerpt:

RUTHLESSLY CARVE OUT THE SPACE – You’re too busy? Bullshit. Make the time if it’s important. Stop watching TV, reading news, browsing things online, looking at social media, saying yes to other people’s requests, going to lunches, get out of being the head of those committees, whatever. Carve out the time. Put it on your calendar daily and make it happen. Make that time sacred, and don’t let anything interfere. You have to be incredibly ruthless to make this happen, but you can do it.


via Gaborfromhungary
via @Gaborfromhungary

My main struggle with the concept of making the time sacred is good ole fashioned guilt. Guilt that I should be doing something more productive like cleaning the house or organizing schedules or working in the yard. Or that I should be using that time to be with my children or my husband or my sister or a neighbor.

Doing something I love always seems selfish to me.

And yet, I recognize that the demands of life will always be there. If I continue with the guilt/selfishness mindset, I’ll never do what I truly love.


So here I sit. Writing a blog post. Forcing myself back into the habit of communicating for pleasure.

I’m not at a soccer game (although I could be). I’m not cleaning the kitchen (although I should be).

I’m just writing.

And it feels pretty good.

Is there a passion are you currently pushing aside?