You are going to think I am a bad mother.

It’s okay. I am. I’m fully aware of it.

Because, TESTS.

miserable I hate them. And I hate helping my children study for them.

There. I said it. You see? B A D M O T H E R.

As we speak I am in the middle of an epic, multi-day study fest for my son’s 9th grade government class. The words “judicial review,” “mixed market economic systems” and “parliamentary democracy” endlessly march through my head and into my dreams each evening.

Kill me.

Kill me now.

People, I didn’t enjoy studying when I was a teenager and I certainly don’t enjoy it as an adult. The last thing I want to do is participate in hours of memorization and discussion about the constitution, King George III and totalitarian dictatorships.

Selfishly, all I want to do is collapse after a long day at work. I want to drink a glass of wine and zone out and go to bed early.

My husband has managed to skip this round of torturous studying citing soccer (he was coaching) and Eagles football (he is a fan). Lucky guy, that man o’ mine.

I do wish I was one of those parents who enthusiastically dove into each subject with abandon relishing each opportunity to teach my offspring the ways of the world. But I’m not.

If you don’t give me a gold star for attitude (don’t blame you), at least give me one for effort!

For whatever it is worth, I’m on hour six and still going.

Incidentally, do you happen to know what the four basic economic systems are? Well, guess what? I do. And I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about them all tonight….