A few years ago, I experienced a tremendous amount of change in my life.

Actually, “change” is a pretty inadequate word when describing my mid-life transition.

Upheaval might have been better. Or mayhem.


I have to tell you that looking back, I find myself so eternally grateful for that period of time. Although I’d wager to bet that if you had asked me while I was in the midst of it, I wouldn’t have used “gratitude” as my main adjective.

But now I am successfully on the other side and am at a place of reflection. I see clearly how much of a gift that transition was. It literally changed my life.

I was forced to look at my own character, forced to face my own flaws and circumstances and course correct. It brought all of my shortcomings into the harsh sunlight and I had to deal with them.

It was tremendously cathartic.

As dramatic as that may all sound, I wasn’t completely gutted. Au contraire. There were also divinely placed people and opportunities that built me back up, affirmed my worth and inspired me forward.

At the end of the day what resulted was a new level of self-awareness and maturity. (Not to mention deeper faith.) And a place of personal acceptance and joy.

I believe that in this life we are forced to re-experience painful lessons when we don’t take the opportunity to learn from our experiences.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather take the short road, thank you very much.

Sandra Bullock once said, “I’ve made peace with the fact that the things that I’ve thought were weaknesses or flaws were just ME. I like them.

Amen, sister.