Ever since I was a kid I’ve struggled with being carefree.

I want (oh how I want) to spend the majority of my days throwing caution to the wind but it rarely happens.

I find myself holding back in various situations where others wouldn’t think twice.

It’s odd because in many ways I am a risk taker and happy to be so.  Holding back is so limiting. 

Silly example – the other day I was running through Georgetown and I happened upon THE STAIRS(You know which ones I’m talking about right? The creepy never-ending stairs from the Exorcist movie.)


Anyway, I got a sudden urge to RACE UP THEM. No real reason, honestly. Just because the thought was exhilarating.

But instead, I turned away from them.

Why? Because there were people around. People who might judge me. People who might think I was ridiculous or odd or just plain stupid.

Exactly. The most ridiculous reason in the history of ridiculous reasons.

See what I mean? LIMITING.

exorcist stairsI was a few blocks past when I decided to turn my ass around and run up those suckers. Because, truly, how does one pass up an opportunity like that?

I guess the bigger question to be asked is – Why was I so worried about what other people might think? Why was I letting that invade my psyche and rob me of an enjoyable moment?

So guess what happened?

Not a damn thing.

I ran up those stairs. I ran down them. I even took a selfie. I went completely out on a limb and I didn’t care if anyone watched or scoffed or judged. It was quite liberating.

I call that progress.