New York reinvigorates my soul.

Everything about it. The excitement. The fashion. The VIBE.

For me, there is nothing better. I could sit for hours watching the world go by, New York style.

This weekend I was in NYC as part of a club leadership conference put on by District Two of the American Advertising Federation. I’m currently serving as Vice President of our local AAF club in the greater Frederick region.

Sounds great, right? It was, of course. Except for when you consider the fact that we (Myself and fellow board members Laura & Adrienne) had to get up at 3:00am to catch a train into the city.

Coffee was needed. So. Much. Coffee.

The conference itself was jammed with stellar speakers on topics like storytelling, digital marketing, social media, club leadership, etc.

Mind. Blown.

Adding to the awesome was the fact that we got to meet in some of the coolest workspaces. We’re talking BBDO and The Advertising Club of New York.

There is something about being around the people and spaces in the creative industry that can inspire the hell out of you.

Aside from the creativity and learning was the SHOPPING. Okay, I’ll admit to getting caught up into shopping. Laura and I had a good four hours to kill and we were on the hunt for something unique. Shortly thereafter we discovered the store Desigual and I fell totally in love. The end. (Ouch, my wallet!) 

newyork2I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the food. (Sigh) We had a scrumptious evening at Georgio’s of Grammercy in the Gramercy Park neighborhood. It was nothing short of spectacular. I sampled their Burrata, Baked Macaroni (fontina, smoked cheddar, asiago, broccoli, leeks, garlic, omg!) and S’More Bread Pudding and fell especially in love with the Edi Simic Duet Lex wine.

We also enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sardi’s in the Theater District in Manhattan. I’m sure you are familiar with it, it is famous for the hundreds of caricatures of show-business celebrities that adorn its walls. (It is pretty much a Broadway institution.)

The weekend was almost perfect.


Due to the weather I wasn’t able to run through Central Park like I had planned. I’ve not gotten a chance to do unless you count the New York Marathon, which is a completely different experience. (Obviously)

All in all, New York an I had a grand ole time together again. That being said, I can’t wrap this blog up without posting the most ridiculous experience I’ve ever had in Times Square.

You’re welcome.


Times Square Baby. Make no mistake, I’m scarred for life. #timessquarebaby #newyork #ohthehorror

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Special thank you to Laura Wallace for use of her amazing pic of NYC!