In my life you won’t find extravagant spa weekends (although I’d take one) or Madison Avenue shopping sprees (although I’m certainly game) or European wine tours (oh please, oh please, oh please).

For the most part, I don’t have the disposable income to indulge in lavish getaways, once in a lifetime experiences or pamper sessions. But  I try really hard to find little luxuries in everyday life.

Which basically means I poll nearly every woman I know asking them for their recommendations on beauty, hair, relaxation, books, clothes, food, and on and on. A friend recently suggested that I start sharing some of these recommendations on my blog. #facepalm

Of course I should!

The following are some of the amazing recommendations I now use thanks to the ladies in my life. These things have the power to make a girl seriously happy while on a shoestring budget and with very little time to care of herself.

The Four Skincare Items You’ll Never Want To Be Without:

  1. Olay Daily Moisture Quench Body Wash – This wash is both soap-free and incredibly moisturizing. It claims to have an entire jar of moisturizer inside and I for one am a believer. Sweet smelling, lots of lather and an all around feel good body wash.
  2. Johnson’s Baby Oil – A friend once gave me this tip and I’ve been using it ever since. Right before getting out of the shower and while still wet, put baby oil on your skin. You’ll never feel softer. Use a bath brush first and it’ll feel that much better.
  3. St. Ives Skin Renewing Body Lotion with Collagen Elastin – I love, love, love this body lotion. Soothing. Moisturizing. Calming. The smell is very pleasant and it contains collagen elastin to improve skin’s elasticity. Apply it straight after a bath or shower.
  4. Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub – This scrub works well in both the shower or bath and is a gentle exfoliator. I prefer the combination of jasmine and vanilla aromatherapy but eucalyptus tea and orange ginger are also nice. I got this at Christmas on year and was hooked.

And there you have it. Four different finds we love. Hope you enjoy!