I’m hijacking the Hip As I Wanna Be blog today to ask this question: Would you let someone else set your New Year’s resolutions?

OK, OK, I know that resolutions aren’t for everyone. And others LOVE them. To each his or her own.

I’ve made them, I’ve met them, I’ve dumped them, I’ve passed on them.

So in talking to the very hip (’cause she wants to be) Jen recently, we came up with the idea of setting resolutions or challenges for each other.

What?? A departure from the way it’s always done??

Why not?

So out of curiosity, I started asking friends what they thought about this idea. As expected, the results were mixed. Some thought it could be done well, if done with a good friend, and others flat out said “no thanks.”

But what I found most interesting in many of the comments was the direct and indirect concerns of failure or having your friend scratch an open wound you’re already nursing.

When I initially asked the question, I didn’t offer any information about what types of resolutions or challenges Jen and I were talking about. Then as the responses started coming in, I revealed glimpses to the challenges to come. (You’ll read more about in our 2015: Year of the “F” Words series right here on this blog.)

Then I got a few folks to say that it could work if you picked the right friend to do this with. Someone who will support you, not watch you fail. Someone who’s in the trenches with you. Someone who knows you well enough to know what you need to go outside your comfort zone, but not hang you out to dry.

Look, I understand the concern most of my friends have. There are few people that I could hear what I need to work on without instantly and secretly feeling like a pile of poo.

But when you have one that says “I’m going to help you come out of your comfort zone to grow, and I’m going stand right there in your uncomfortable zone and be your rock,” what do you have to lose?

And, if you think about it, if your friend is a good friend, they won’t set you up for failure. Speaking for myself, if I set a goal for my friend and let her fail or watch her fail, what does that say about me?

So, given that I passed on New Year’s resolutions for the past few years, I’m going to give it a go again. And I’m going to let Jen challenge me to go outside of my comfort zone. (And yes, she is letting me challenge her, too.)

We will reveal our challenges for one another soon. I challenge YOU to join us on our adventure!

So I ask you again… Would you let someone else set your New Year’s resolutions? (It’s OK to say no — I’m no Judgey McJudgerson.)

– Lori Rypka is a writer by day and ninja CrossFitter by night. Her passions include all things involving family, friends, fitness and Frederick, Md.