We interrupt our normal blogging schedule to bring you this interesting experience…

When you write a blog you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected. In sharing your innermost thoughts with a worldwide audience, you basically open yourself up to anything and everything – criticism, scrutiny, judgment and the possibility of random awesomeness. 

I love it when the latter happens.

So the other day I was sifting through my email when I happened upon an interview request from Australia.


THAT Australia.

A producer from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation was emailing to see if I would be available for a live radio interview to talk about blogging. (Um, hello? Of course I would be available.) 

And pretty much the next day I found myself huddled in the office lunchroom (because LIVE) chatting it up with “Sarah” on ABC Overnights about my experiences as a mom blogger in the USA.

Pinch me, people.

I don’t know how they found my blog and frankly I don’t care. It was a bucket list experience.

In case you are interested, I’ve uploaded the interview here for your listening pleasure. (If not pleasure than laughter. Either one works.)