This year will be a year of big changefor me. Only it won’t look big. In fact, it’ll probably be incredibly unimpressive.

This year I am giving things up.

Impressive things. Meaningful things.

Things that people strive for. Things that I used to strive for.

I’ve been in a cycle of accomplishment and involvement for years now. At this very moment (aside from my full-time gig) I’m vice-president of the American Advertising Association of Greater Frederick, am co-chairing Portfolio Bootcamp, as well as serving on theFrederick Speaker Series committee, not to mention being amemberof the2015 class of Leadership Frederick County. Forfun I belong to a book club, am training for two half marathons, blogging and raisingtwo teenage boys.

I am extremely PASSIONATEabout each and every one of those activities. But I’m not truly, madly, deeply HAPPY.


It is all TOO MUCH.

And I am suffering for it. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

One day last month,in a moment of desperation (as one more thing got added to my already burgeoning plate), I started to wonder what would happen if I stopped trying to do it all. What if I made some radical changes in my life and focused ona few simple things that fed my soul? Like, only on a personal level.

Admittedly, this is apretty radical concept.

But it is so overdue. And so NECESSARY.

And thus the purging of commitments begins. Anything that isn’tnecessary for my children, marriage and personal soul will be going away.

I’m not gonna lie folks, I’m scared shitless.

Will I be relevant anymore? Will anyone care? Will I lose friends? Who will I be?What in the world will Ido with all of that time? Will I end up happy?

It is all speculation at this point. I guess I will find out.