Let’s face it, 2014 was not a stellar year for me on the racingscene. Rather than don bibs, clock times and wax poetic about chia recipes, I spent myweekendsas arecreational runner.And by recreational runner I meanoccasional runner.Andwhile mentally it wasa relief to not have to be “on” and train all of the time, Ihave to admit that I missed it. Running is my therapy and without it…Igo a little crazy.

Okay, I go a little crazy with it as well. WHAT’S YOUR POINT, INTERNET?!

Running Shoe SelfieAnyway, this year will be different. I’ve not settled on a full marathon to conquer as of yet, but I’m registered for theMission 10 Miler, Frederick 1/2andBaltimore 1/2as part of theMaryland Double.

The Frederick 1/2 is on May 3 which isa tadtoo soon for a gal who hasn’tput on her serious training pants yet.(Hell, I can’t even find my serious training pants.)That being said, the weather broke this past weekend and Ithrew caution to the wind, donned thenew Mizunosandmanaged toknock out7.5 miles with my little sister.

<insert Hallelujah choir here>

Ioften getrequests to share myrunning and training programs so this is probably a good time to mention how I plan on getting my proverbial groove back in time to ensure Iactually cross the above mentioned finish lines.My master plan includes following (to the letter)theHal Higdon 1/2 Marathon Intermediate schedule.

According to the Higdon schedule I need to tackle the following long runsfrom here on out:

  • March 7/8 – 7 miles
  • March 14/15 -8 miles
  • March 21/22 – 9 miles (I altered this to fit my schedule)
  • March 28/29 – Mission 10 Miler
  • April 4/5 -10 miles
  • April 11/12 – 15K Race (9.3 miles)
  • April 18/19 – 11 miles
  • April 25/26 – 12 – 13 miles (I altered this as well)
  • Race Weekend = 13.1 miles

It is aggressive, for sure. Especially considering how much of a couch potato I’ve been throughout this long winter season. But if one wants to finish with a smile on their face, aggressive is the way to go.

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