Well, I did it. After taking a year off and running rarely casually I finally made my “big comeback.” It wasn’t what one would call effortless or graceful (by any stretch of the imagination) but I made it across the finish line.

Let me start out by saying that I definitely wasn’t in training mode for this race. I wasn’t actually planning on anything official until the Frederick 1/2 on May 3rd. But a friend of a friend offered the bib to me and who am I to turn down something so karmic?

The weekend of the Mission 10 Miler I was also scheduled to visit family in New Jersey. Poor planning, anyone? We quite literally scrambled to get out the door in time to make it to the starting line two states away. (Not even a little bit kidding here – my husband basically pulled up to the stadium and kicked me out. This was after our brief stopover at an Arby’s somewhere in Fulton so that I could put on a sports bra and running shoes. Soooooo glamorous, y’all.)

Start of the Mission 10 Miler

My plan was run it alone, a thought that terrified me. Most of my races are run with companions. It is a bit of a co-dependent thing. I’ve been running with partners since 2002. Going rogue was unsettling, especially considering how out of shape I’d become. I wasn’t quite convinced that I was going to make it across the finish line.

But I did. (Albeit barely.)

Around mile nine I thought I was going to die.

Mile 9 = Near Death

Miraculously my legs held on and I found some inner strength I didn’t know existed. (I must have desperately wanted the medal. Or a ride home. It was kind of a toss up.) 

My final time was 1:51:14 or an 11:08 minute mile.

It is the slowest race that I’ve ever run. And yet at the same time I also consider it the best race I’ve ever run. Time doesn’t matter to me like it does to other runners. Yes, I have goals, but let’s face it, ultimately all I want to do is GET ACROSS THAT FREAKING FINISH LINE and have a beer. Oh and also be alert enough to spot race photographers in order to fake like I’m not going to die. BECAUSE, PRIDE.

In a few weeks I will run the Frederick 1/2 marathon, the next step on my journey back to my regular running self. I will run this sucker with my baby sister by my side. Crossing my fingers for an even stronger finish!

Mission 10 Miler bling