I’ve partnered with Violet® supplements to talk about breast health. 

This being a woman thing is just not so fun sometimes.

I had the “privilege” of experiencing my first mammogram the other week. I’d been putting it off for eons. I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I was actively avoiding potentially bad news.

You see, breast cancer and breast complications run in my family. In fact, a cousin of mine passed away at an extremely early age due to breast cancer. It terrifies me.

So when I finally went to get the ole mamo done, I was incredibly nervous. Especially when I learned I had to get a 3-D mammogram due to my “dense breasts.” Mmm…. okay?

Honestly, I didn’t even know what they were talking about. Was it a good thing? Should I brag to my girlfriends? Should I inform my husband that he is extra-lucky? Is it a bad thing?  Was it due to something I ate? Is it genetics?

So. Many. Questions.

Female Wellness

As it turns out, I have my mom to thank.

So here is the scoop… Women with dense breasts have more fibrous tissue than fatty tissue. (A little anatomy lesson for you in case you need a refresh – breast tissue is composed of milk ducts, milk glands, connective and fatty tissue.) Having dense breasts makes it harder for radiologists to see cancer so mammograms can be less accurate in women with this condition unless they are performed via digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography. Having dense breast tissue might also increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

Hence the need for not avoiding your mammograms. (I’m lecturing myself here.) 

Another issue associated with dense breasts is menstrual-related breast discomfort. Y’all understand what I’m talking about, right? All of that hormonal madness each month that lead to all sorts of unpleasant things like lumps, tenderness, swelling, heaviness and aches.


It’s embarrassing to talk about. And fairly painful. Like, don’t-touch-me, hug-me or look-at-me-wrong painful. But also normal. In fact, millions of women experience Fibrocystic Breast Condition each month.

But they don’t have to.

A Possible Solution

I’ve recently come across a solution for this monthly business that seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called Violet Iodine and it looks to be a great non-hormonal way to skip the pain altogether. If you suffer from these type of symptoms, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding relief is top priority.

Violet Iodine

A few notes about the the product:

  • It is completely drug-free and is composed of two forms of iodine that combine to form molecular iodine, which has been demonstrated to restore the natural, healthy balance of breast cells and relieve the monthly discomfort.
  • It is an easy regiment requiring one tablet each morning. Most women beginning to experience symptom relief after 60 days (although apparently some report results sooner).
  • It is available without a prescription and can be purchased online and at places like CVS/Pharmacy, The Vitamin Shoppe, Harris Teeter and drugstore.com. Bonus: Those links give you 30% off discount.

My mind is blown at this moment. If you are like me, you realize that letting this monthly condition go can really get in the way of your living a full life. (Be it exercising or lack of physical closeness to others.)

And remember – diet, exercise, self screenings and mammograms are all important ways that women – at any age – can take care of their breast health.

I received compensation from Violet® supplements for this post about keeping your breasts healthy.  All thoughts and experiences are my own.