So you may have noticed that I took a small break from my blogging time. (Or maybe you didn’t. Who knows?) These past few months have been filled with transition for me and I needed to put my efforts into managing the change as well as I could.

Which worked, by the way.

It’s funny. Usually I take on a million things and juggle them all then stress about the fact that I’m not doing any of it well.

I finally wised up on myself and gave me permission to drop something for awhile. And the something was blogging and social media. I spent way less time online than in my previous “life.” (I still collaborated occassionally on Pursuit Of It All, though. You should go visit. No, really. GO.)

Anyway, I feel successful haven taken that route. I aced a course I had to take (107.46% HOLLA!) and devoted my time to my family. I did a little volunteer work but it was so minimal that it felt kinda pitiful.

So here I am.

Caught up.

And back to blogging.

And it is great.

Even if no one is reading it feels good sitting in front of my computer and typing. I’ve missed it.