You guys. The year is half over already! So hard to believe, right?

I don’t know where the time has gone but I know that it seems to have flown by faster this year than any other. I had a recent conversation with a friend about a mid-year life check that inspired me to sit down and really think through the first few months of 2016.

At first evaluation, I struggled to cite anything that I’d accomplished importance so far. Which was depressing, actually. But then I thought a little deeper and realized that I was incredibly wrong.

For years now I’ve been all-consumed by work. Always hustling. Always researching. Always online. And always STRESSED. Truth be told, I had started to wear that manic stress as a badge of honor. And when it was gone (because I shifted jobs and volunteer positions) I found myself at a profound point in my life. I didn’t know who I was without it.

I was lost.

I missed the old Jen (crazy but true) and I wasn’t mentally embracing the new one. It was in this weird, miserable middle-ground that lasted way longer than it should have.

I wish I could tell you the precise moment I conquered that beast but I can’t. It seems like I suddenly woke up and was okay with everything. (Possibly because I had exhausted myself with the constant over-analyzing and mental torment.) Amazingly I found that I didn’t need my job or title or volunteer activities to justify my worth. And I no longer felt guilty for having free time to just be. I was finally able to LET GO, have a personal life and clear conscience.

It’s sad that it took me months of my life to get to that point but I’m so happy that it finally clicked into place and that I’m able to recognize it.

I consider this a major victory for the first half of 2016. Actually, I consider it a major victory for my entire life.


I supposed I could just drop the mic here and declare the year conquered but that would be foolish, especially considering the fact that I’m hell bent on making this year my best year ever. (Yes, I actually just said that out loud.) 

So in the interest of self-evaluation at the halfway mark, I’m pondering a few questions in the next few days. (And really, you may want to join in as well!) 

1. If I could could accomplish three things in my life over the next 6 months, what would they be?

2. Why are these specific things important to me? How will they change my life for the better?

3. What do I need to do in order to make those things happen? What steps do I need to take immediately to build momentum?

I have some ideas, of course. But ideas without a plan are not going to get me to the finish line that I desire in 2016.  How about you? Are there things you are still looking to accomplish? I’ll be chronicling my next six months on the blog but I’d love to hear what you’re goals for the rest of the year are. Leave a comment and tell me all about it!