Okay friends, let’s get real. Recently I shared my desire to challenge myself in a few areas of my life, the most important of which was health and wellness.

I made that a priority because I’ve been feeling lousy these past few months and frankly, I don’t like what I am seeing in the mirror anymore.

I’m tired and unhealthy and I look it.

For the first time in my life I’ve found myself walking instead of running, avoiding social gathering and hiding behind others in pictures. It super-sucks.

And it needs to change.



I don’t want to follow this path anymore. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable and anxious and unhappy and shrink from the spotlight. I want the old Jen back. The one who laughed loudly, ran half marathons for kicks and wore shirts that didn’t resemble potato sacks.

When I look back over the times in my life where I have felt and looked my best it was when I was following a clean eating diet and tracking my food and exercise.

So because I’m not a total fool, I’m going back to what has worked for me in the past: Weight Watchers, weight training and running. That all being said I also believe that I need to dig a bit deeper in order to make some permanent changes so my life will be less “sticking to a diet” and more “creating a healthy lifestyle I can sustain.” Because nobody likes failure and backtracking and self loathing. So I’m gonna do a little mental work as well. And I’m going to try to have fun and be creative with it.

Okay, so my ground rules going forward include:

  • Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible
  • Reduce refined sugar
  • Eat five or six small meals a day
  • Cook my own meals whenever possible
  • Drink more water
  • Engage in some physical activity every single day
  • Enjoy the process

It’s time to get up, get serious and “do the thing” as my pal Melanie would say. I’ll keep you posted…