It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a race report on the blog. And truthfully I wasn’t planning on recaping my experience because I wasn’t officially official, if you know what I mean. But the day was pretty spectacular so the thought of not documenting it seemed like a sin.

A few months ago my sister asked me to run part of the Frederick Half Marathon relay as a companion to my niece. She didn’t love the idea of her 13 year old running 5 1/2 miles alone so I agreed to run “rogue” with her. (Basically run alongside her even though I hadn’t registered.) And while I’m no stranger to the running scene, especially this length of race, I was a tad concerned due to the fact that I’ve not exactly been consistent with my running. (Read: I barely run anymore.)

I ended up parking at Hood College at the precise point of the relay handoff. I wasn’t able to park at the fairgrounds and catch the shuttle over with the other runners because I was a rebel and all so my plan was to hang with my niece until my sister handed off the baton and then run a mile or two and turn around to head back to my car.

Easy peasy.

Instead, much to my own surprise, I got caught up in the excitement of it all and ran almost the entire race with her. So worth it! Watching her cross that finish line was a huge moment for me. It felt even better to me than the finish lines I’d crossed on my own.

What didn’t feel good was the jog back to my car which was parked a few miles away. I’d forgotten all about that little detail.(I’m a genius) I went from having sporadically run a mile or two for six months to eight miles in one day.

But you guys…. I RAN EIGHT MILES WITH NO ADVANCED TRAINING. Up until that point I had pretty much convinced myself that another marathon was out of the question. I’m simply too old. Too unmotivated. Too out-of-shape.

But now I’m wondering if maybe I’m a bit stronger than I think? Maybe it is possible to do it again? Maybe I’ve got my running mojo back?


Frederick Half Marathon 2017