Recently a blogger that I admired named Anissa Mayhew passed away. I learned about her passing on Facebook. She was one of the OG bloggers, man. She was so inspiring and real. The tributes posted to Anissa online were poignant and touching and funny (just like Anissa) and sent me down memory lane and back to the the blogosphere I used to know and love.

I started blogging about a decade ago on a bunch of different sites. Back then the blogosphere was very, very different. There was less selling and strategizing and more connecting. The writing was raw and honest and intimate and most of all, it was REAL. We opened ourselves up to the world in a way that seems foreign now.

I remember getting up hours before my kids did for the sole purpose of writing and catching up on my bloggy friends. We knew the intimate struggles of each other’s lives and found solidarity in the writing.

I loved that blogging world.

Things are different these days. We’re no longer connected like we once were. We strategize more and reveal less. We optimize and photograph and use SEO and publish PR friendly tips and lists and create contact for all of our channels. We barely ever comment.

It pays the bills, for sure. But it can also be exhausting and a little lonely.

I miss reading about each other’s worlds and kids and fears and doubts. I long to find camaraderie in all of the good, bad and ugly. I want to know that other women are sharing the same struggles and victories. I want to feel like I am part of a group again.

I still love blogging, even in it’s modern form, but I’ve been struggling with writing for quite some time. The thought of publishing a post “the right way” leaves me 100% uninspired. I want to spill messy thoughts that make me vulnerable and terrified to hit “publish” like back in the day.

Can anyone else out there relate? Got any blog recommendations for me? #searchingformypeople