I have no idea what to call these weekly check-in posts. I know I have to do them and I need a title but everything I’m coming up with seems so damn cliche.

Should I give it a catchy title? Operation Reinvention? Jen’s Healthy Life Challenge? Operation Come Out of Hiding?

Ugh. No idea. Not sure I like any of them. I’ll just throw one out there to see if it sticks.

Anyway you probably don’t care about the catchy title, you’re just interested to see if I survived the week. Well, I’m happy to report that I FREAKING MADE IT! And guess what? I lost 3.6 pounds.


The plan was pretty easy for me to stick to. I love the way that Freestyle works and find working in the 0 point foods very simple. The only time I found myself hungry was ironically the night before weigh-in and there was NO WAY I was going to mess up my progress so I legit went to bed at 8:30pm rather then risk eating.

Don’t judge.

The worst part of the week for me was taking BEFORE pictures. Oh you guys, that was terrible. My husband took them for me and it was terribly uncomfortable because like, he could SEE ME in all my “before” glory. Yes, I do realize we live together and he probably encountered me a time or two but I like to pretend in my mind that he has only ever seen the 20 something pre-baby-stretchmarks Jen. Alas, now he has not only seen, but assisted in the documentation of the 40 something needs-to-go-back-to-Weight-Watchers Jen.

Not my finest moment. That being said, he was nothing but supportive and positive proving that he is still a prince of a guy. Which reminds me that I should probably take my measurements now as well.

Oh joy.


Some deets about the week

The water: You guys, I’m a hot mess with water. I never drink it. My idea of water is a venti coffee at Starbucks. I’m pretty sure that I have been dehydrated my entire adult life. I forced my way through water this week. I didn’t stress too much about it because I figured my body was going to be thankful that it got any at all. I estimate my water count to be around four cups a day. I’ll do better next week.

The workouts: I started this journey slow because I really wanted to get the plan down first before going all in. This week I did a few days of run-walking and some light weight lifting. REALLY light weight lifting. But guess what? I totally hit my FitPoints goal anyway. My WW app says that I earned 82 of 33 FitPoints with 72,058 steps for the week of December 30th – January 5th. BTW my Fitbit steps sync right into my WW app which is very handy. Huzzah for technology!

The surprise: Holy crap did I have headaches. The first four days were full of them. Now, this had zero to do with the Weight Watchers plan and everything to do with cutting down on the coffee. I mean, I love me some coffee. My absolute favorite coffee has hazelnut creamer or cinnamon dolce syrup in it and that equals about a billion WW  points so I had to shut that down pretty quickly. Day five had me feeling better but I do have to be vigilant about tracking coffee and creamer when I have it otherwise it will eat up my points and I will get all cranky and hangry and stuff.

The week ahead: It’s workout time! I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to do some T25 or TurboJam or 21 Day Fix workouts. I have all of these workouts at home so I figure it is about time I follow some sort of program. Haven’t decided which one to do yet though.

First goal: Make some real progress before the AAF-GF American Advertising Awards (Feb 17) and Best of Frederick Bash (Feb 24th). I love both of these events and I refuse to buy another dress so I need to make sure I can fit into something I already own. (Easier said that done, my friends.)

That’s about it, folks! If you’re new here and would like to read last week’s post you can find it here!