Hi friends! It’s been a great week!

Now, you are probably looking at below graphic and thinking “how is it a good week if  you gained weight?”  Because, folks…. I rocked my healthy eating this week.


Don’t get me wrong, ordinarily a weight gain while trying to loose pounds would set me into a tizzy but I’ve become very aware of what I am putting into my body and this week it was all healthy, non-processed foods. Lots of lean protein, lots of veggies and lots of good choices. I tracked everything and when the hunger pains hit I was responsible and headed over to my stash of apples or bananas.

The week wasn’t all sunshine and roses though. I had to shift my work schedule around a bit to accommodate school meetings and doctor appointments for the boys causing me to work late and come in early a few times. Also, our dog was up a few times past midnight during the week leaving us feeling like we had a newborn again. As a result, I completely bombed my workout goals this week.

Big takeaway? If I don’t significantly work out, I will not lose. It sucks being over 40!

Some deets about the week

The water: I might as well hide my head in shame. I did WORSE this week. I figured out a new little mind game system for myself in drinking and counting ounces and I’m hoping that will do the trick.

The workouts: This week sucked so bad! I only got one running sesh in and zero weights. I didn’t plan my week well in terms of balancing the working out/ kid schedule / work schedule.

The week ahead: If there is one thing I learned from last week it is that workouts are going to be key to this thing. Hubby and I are going to use 21 Day Fix workouts as our starting point and add more running sessions in.

The surprise: The fact that I could drink beer and have munchies with friends and it barely mattered! I saved up my points and recorded while I ate so I wouldn’t overindulge. For the record I am not a beer drinker at all but I have some friends from Belgium who always bring back good stuff from their travels. One sip of Mort Subite Gueuze Lambic and I was instantly hooked. Just my luck that my favorite beer ever is not available in the US. Oh well, guess it is for the best. 🙂

That’s about it, folks! Success isn’t always about the numbers on the scale!

By the way, if you’re new here and would like to read last week’s post you can find it here!