You guys! I had a huge week this week! I lost 4.2 pounds for a total of 7.4 pounds so far.

Squee! I’m hella excited!

Of course, this program isn’t just about the weight loss. It’s so much more than that. Weight Watchers also has us focus on non-scale victories as well, which I really do agree are important.

My non-scale victory this week was all about a mind-shift that I’ve been undergoing about putting myself on the priority list.I’m learning that I am worth the effort. Sounds silly when I write it out here but it’s true.

The mom in me has always put my entire family’s needs first both in life and in the kitchen. It wasn’t uncommon for me to pack elaborate lunches for everyone else but then throw something super-quick, heavily processed and unhealthy into my own bag. I mistakenly thought I was doing myself a favor by saving prep time in exchange for nutrition. Less time in the kitchen seemed like a gift to me when in reality it was the opposite.

Now my priority is nutrition and health and taking care of my own needs. (Don’t worry, the family is still taken care of. Natch.)

By the way, my biggest motivating factor so far is not any of these things. It is actually YOU. (Yes, YOU.) Every person who has read my posts, texted me, messaged me asking about Weight Watchers or JOINED ME in their own Weight Watchers journey, has given me even more reason to continue along the path. You keep me accountable and motivated and I am truly thankful!

Some deets about the week

The water: I stepped this up big-time which means I practically lived in the bathroom all week. TMI? Perhaps. Just keeping it real over here. I am totally obsessed with Mio flavors which make water consumption a whole lot easier.

The workouts: Making a ton more effort this week, I’m happy to report. More cardio and I’ve been forcing myself to do weight training every time I have to let the dog outside in the evening. (I swear she lives out there!) You would be surprised how much that has added up!

The surprise: My willpower was on point this week. I was very good at tracking what I ate and turning away things that would have made me cave before. For example Thursday evening we drove through McDonald’s to get out oldest some munchies after an event. My husband and son both ordered and I was the lucky co-pilot who got to divvy out the goods. People, I didn’t eat ONE FRY. Not one! That is a major victory for me. Also, pizza on Friday night was a lot easier to resist after eating a sensible meal. My family is starting to get used to me making different choices which is helpful.

The week ahead: My focus is on working out harder. I have three weeks until the  AAF-GF American Advertising Awards (Feb 17) and no amount of Spanx is going to fit me into the dress I have in mind without some real sweat and effort.

That’s about it, folks! If you’re new here and would like to read last week’s post you can find it here!