Okayyyyy. So this week is kind of a surprise.

The good news is that I followed the plan to the letter and I drank my water. And I resisted THESE from a well-meaning coworker:

My life is a constant battle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

The bad news is that it was THAT TIME (TMI for sure) and I was so freaking exhausted and cranky. I wanted nothing more than my blanket and my bed all week which is probably why I saw my second bump of +.4 at my weigh-in.

Now before you go feeling bad for me I have to point out that this is my FOURTH FULL WEEK of healthy eating. I didn’t stray. I didn’t bomb. In fact, I saw an overall loss of 7 pounds for January and I’m pretty damn happy about that. Although most people can’t see it yet by looking at me, my clothes are fitting better and my confidence is really beginning to grow. I’m starting to see hints of my former self show up in different ways and it is really empowering!

The workouts: Just simple walk/run workouts. More walking than running if I am being honest. I was pretty shocked though to see that I beat last week’s stats at activity. I really felt like a sloth.

The surprise: My focus. I really am shocking myself. I tried Weight Watchers last year for a few weeks and when I strayed a bit I completely left the program. I really regret that. I could be in such a better place right now! That being said, I definitely won’t be taking that route in the future. I don’t know what it is about this journey at this moment but I KNOW it will end well for me.

The week ahead: It’s fitness goal time! So many big events and new challenges are up ahead. Can’t wait to tell you more!

That’s about it, folks! If you’re new here and would like to read last week’s post you can find it here!