I’m on top of the world this week, friends. After last week’s gain, I was mentally prepping for another plateau week. But, guess what?


It was a total surprise. It brings my total weight loss to a whopping -9.8. Can you even believe it?!

And while the number on the scale was absolutely wonderful, I had a non-scale victory that was even better… clothing that no longer fits!  I have a cute little black dress that I wore to a holiday party that I had marked to be re-worn for a function in a few weeks. Well, I tried it on this week and it is now too big on me.

I’m dying.

This dress is the first piece of clothing that I’ve grown out of. (So to speak.) Oh sure my pants are more forgiving and my shirts fit better, but this is the first item that I will have to either get altered or give away. It is an incredible feeling. 

I also had a good week when it came to working out. Unlike my previous week, I had way more energy and felt much better. That, coupled with a sister who relentlessly terrorizes supports me, got me contemplating tackling another half-marathon. (I haven’t run a 1/2 since 2015 and my last full marathon was way back in 2013!) At the moment we’re eyeing up the Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon in April. And you know what that means? It means I have to get my butt in gear immediately. Gee, no pressure!

It is obvious by now that I am feeling more confident with myself. A few weeks ago I would never have even entertained the idea of another race. Now I’m daydreaming about three different options. It is amazing how these small “wins” are really beginning to affect my entire outlook.

The week ahead: Crunch time! The AAF-GF American Advertising Awards are on February 17th and I’ve got a dress to fit in to. Oh and yes, I do plan on posting photos of myself from that event. 🙂

If you are interested in reading last week’s recap you can find it here!