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My side of the family celebrates big on Christmas Eve. We feast. I mean, we REALLY feast. And we giggle. We chortle. We laugh. Hell, we L O L. We even L M A O. In a nutshell…. we party. HARD. My mom and dad host the annual festival of frivolity every year and it is just a blast. Thought I would share a little bit of the kid-caroling with you. I know. Mayhem.  🙂 Ain’t that what the holiday is all about, though?

Um, yeah. We definitely had a good time yesterday celebrating our nation’s independence. Our festivities consisted largely of slamming down adult beverages while playing with pyrotechnics. WHAT?!  Nothing but a little neighborhood mayhem. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as well! BTW – We also attended Tots2Tweens’ 4th on the Farm celebration.  Read about it here.